Natural Pest Traps to use in an Organic Garden

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Some natural pest traps to use in an organic garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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There are some homemade pest traps that will help you get rid of pesky ants, flies, gnats, and other insects without having to worry about chemicals harming your plants.

For fruit flies, you can use a clear plastic bottle to hold a vast array of ingredients that will attract fruit flies. Simply poke a tiny hole in either side of the bottle’s neck, thread a thin wire through those holes, then twist the ends together. You can fill the bottle with bait and hang the trap in your fruit trees.

Snails and slugs are drawn to gluten. You can make a beer trap by pouring some stale beer into a shallow dish and placing it in the garden. Add a bit of bread, sugar, or flour to make the trap even more effective. These traps are most effective when placed among plants like strawberries, lettuce, and other plants that attract slugs, snails, and other crawling pests.

For aphids, make a sticky trap out of a yellow playing card coated with a sticky substance, like syrup or petroleum jelly. Aphids tend to be the most attracted to the color yellow, as are flies, cucumber beetles, and flea beetles.

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Natural Pest Traps to Help Rid Unwanted Pests in an Organic Garden