GCC Encourages Safety, Awareness on Roads

Clint Thompson Georgia Cotton Commission

Taylor Sills

Cotton planting is in full swing across Georgia. The Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) reminds drivers on the roads to proceed with caution as producers transport equipment from one field to another, says executive director Taylor Sills.

Taylor Sills

“As everyone knows, this is planting time here in Georgia. We’re getting kind of close to the end of our planting window for cotton and many other crops. It’s just important to remind our civilian friends and general population that our farmers are busy going about their important tasks of feeding and clothing the world,” Sills said. “They’re out on the highways with big pieces of equipment. We see every year tragic examples of people getting in accidents with farm equipment. Please give them some room. Slow down. Look both ways. They probably can’t start and stop as quick as you can. What they’re doing is so important to your community. As many of our rural communities, the backbone of their economies is agriculture.”

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