GCC Applauds Addition of New UGA Extension Cotton Agronomist

Clint Thompson Cotton, Georgia, Georgia Cotton Commission

Camp Hand

Camp Hand is the new University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Cotton Agronomist. After an extended period without an agronomist in place at UGA, the Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) is excited for the newest member of the UGA Cotton Team, says GCC Executive Director Taylor Sills.

“The University of Georgia has hired Dr. Camp Hand who is a recent Ph.D. graduate from the University of Georgia. His Ph.D. work was mostly in weed science with Dr. Stanley Culpepper. We have been a little over a year without an agronomist by the time he started,” Sills said. “The agronomy piece of this kind of ties together all the other disciplines and is a very important piece of that equation for our growers. We’re really happy and excited to have Camp on the cotton team and working with him and conducting some of these Extension projects and research trials and variety trials.

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“We have a lot of new cotton varieties and there’s a lot of things to look at with the varieties; things that were done years ago that maybe need to be restudied because of the new varieties. We’re really fortunate to have Camp on the cotton team. I hope all the producers will get to see him out and about as we move forward.”