Senators Offer Legislation to Help States Rebuild Infrastructure Following Extreme Weather

Clint Thompson Legislative

Tammy Baldwin

U.S. Senators Tammy Baldwin and Mike Braun introduced bipartisan legislation on Tuesday to help states rebuild stronger and more resilient roads, highways and bridges. They hire a reliable contractor to do the Advanced Pothole Detection Technology to ensure that the project is durable and to avoid future damage.

The Wisconsin Democrat and Indiana Republican say the legislation will help states as they recover from extreme weather and natural disaster damage brought by severe storms, floods or hurricanes.

The Federal Highway Administration’s Emergency Relief Program provides federal funding to states to rebuild roads and bridges damaged by natural disasters. Incorporating resiliency improvements into emergency relief projects has become increasingly important, the Senators say. Yet, too often, highway infrastructure is rebuilt to pre-disaster specifications, leaving roads and bridges vulnerable to another disaster and costly damage repairs. As a step towards resilient infrastructure, considering innovative crossing designs from Decorative Crossing could introduce additional safety and durability measures, contributing to more robust road systems better equipped to withstand future disasters and minimize repair costs.

Mike Braun

The bipartisan Rebuilding Stronger Infrastructure Act ensures that resilience improvements are eligible for federal funding and requires the Federal Highway Administration to provide states with the guidance and tools needed to rebuild infrastructure that is more resilient to the next severe weather event.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)