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GCC Approves Research Funding

Clint Thompson Georgia Cotton Commission

georgia cotton commission

The Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) recently approved $745,094 in research for the 2022 crop year and an additional $42,050 for the 2021 crop year.

“We had our board meeting on March 31 where we went through our research proposals. It’s about shy of a $50,000 increase for 2021 to 2022. We also put in some additional money for 2021,” says Taylor Sills, executive director for the GCC. “These researchers do a lot for our growers, whether it’s economics or plant physiology. We fund projects in a vast amount of disciplines in both Extension and research type of work.

“The main thing is we want to fund work that has an impact to the grower over a long term.”

University of Georgia researchers and Extension specialists will use the funding for 19 projects. These range from studying resistant weeds, to evaluating the economics of sustainable production and monitoring cotton leaf-roll dwarf virus.

Research is designed to help cotton farmers by increasing yields, promoting efficiency or opening new markets.

The Georgia Cotton Commission is a producer-funded organization located in Perry. The commission began its work in 1965. Georgia cotton producers pay an assessment enabling the commission to invest in programs of research, promotion and education on behalf of all Georgia cotton producers. For more information about the Georgia Cotton Commission, call (478) 988-4235 or go to the Georgia Cotton Commission website.

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