Tasty Fruits that Ripen in the Springtime

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The tasty fruits that ripen in the Spring. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


While spring is much appreciated for the blooming of flowers, and the buzzing of bees, it’s also time when several fruity favorites reach their pinnacle.

Apricots are a delicious late spring treat. In Southern California, they can be found as early this month with the season stretching to July. Cherries are fantastic to eat as is, but they are also very well respected as pie filler. So, start looking for them in just a few weeks and expect to enjoy them well into the summer.


Grapefruits, Lemons, and Kumquats have a super long season, thanks to warm climates in Florida, Texas, and California.

Red strawberries in a wooden basket costs between the strawberry beds in the field

Strawberries are at the wildest in the early summer, but there are some types that will provide a decent springtime harvest.

Even though Rhubarb is not a fruit, this easy to grow perennial vegetable does pair well with strawberries, which are springing out at the same time.

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Tasty Fruits that Ripen in the Springtime