Filling Wet Soggy Spots with Beautiful Landscape

Dan This Land of Ours

How to fill the wet and soggy spots in your garden with beautiful landscape. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

White Turtlehead Plant

There are a number of flowers and ornamental grasses that don’t mind a lot of moisture.  And, these flowering plants can transform a previous problem area into a colorful focal point in your garden.

Getting its name from the distinct shape of the individual blossoms, Turtlehead is an adaptable plant that can thrive in soggy soil but can also tolerate drought.

Striking, glossy black leaves highlighted with silvery-white veins make “Elephant’s Ear” impossible to miss. Grow it as an annual in wet soil (or even standing water) or bring it in as a houseplant and enjoy the foliage all winter.


One of the most unusual ornamental grasses, fiber-optic grass has thin, gracefully arching leaves and looks almost like fiber-optic wires splaying from a junction box. This low-growing perennial adds wonderful texture to mixed containers or water garden plantings.

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Filling Wet Soggy Spots with Beautiful Landscape