NCBA Welcomes Preserving Family Farms Act

Dan Beef, Cattle, Legislative


House lawmakers recently introduced the Preserving Family Farms Act of 2021, a priority for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. NCBA has long supported efforts to reduce tax burdens on farmers and ranchers.

This bipartisan legislation to expand IRS Code Section 2032A would allow cattle producers to take advantage of the Special Use Valuation and protect family-owned businesses from the impact of the federal estate tax, commonly referred to as the Death Tax.


The Preserving Family Farms Act increases the maximum amount allowed under the exemption from $750,000 to $11 million, indexed for inflation, thus reviving an important tool in the toolbox for farm and ranch families across the U.S., according to NCBA. If enacted, the legislation will provide a permanent solution to an issue that has long plagued cattle producers.

While the current 2032A reduction is 55 percent higher than the value established two decades ago, USDA estimates that cropland values have increased by 223 percent.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)