common diseases

Common Diseases to Watch for When Growing Asparagus

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Some common diseases to watch for when growing asparagus. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

common diseases

When growing asparagus, there are a number of common diseases to watch for.

Rust, is one of them and presents several symptoms depending on the season. The easiest way to prevent rust is to cut back the ferns as they die over the winter. And, dispose of the infected pieces.

Crown rot is another disease that’s hard to prevent and get rid of. It can live in soil for a long period, spreading through infected air, soil, and seeds.


Asparagus is also prone to Purple Spot disease during particularly wet or windy weather. The good news is that the spots don’t affect the taste or texture of your asparagus spears, and they often disappear entirely during cooking.

Gray Mold is most common in wet, humid conditions and in soils with a low pH. Standing water harbors spores and makes it possible for the disease to live a long time in the soil.

When it comes to preventing and treating asparagus diseases, it’s important to act early and often. Proper watering and ample amounts of air circulation are doubly important to make sure your plants don’t suffer from any life-threatening illnesses. If you need them, there are various fungicides you can use to control many fungal diseases.

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Common Diseases to Watch for When Growing Asparagus