Color Changing Flowers to Plant in the Garden for “Rainbow” Blooms

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The color-changing flowers that is just what your garden needs. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Peach Lemonade Roses

When it comes to roses, you can find varieties that bloom in just about every color of the rainbow. If you haven’t heard of the shrub rose variety Peach Lemonade, you’re in for a treat. At first, its flowers are a vibrant yellow, then they shift to gorgeous blush pink. This color change is gradual, so you’ll likely see some yellow, some pink, and a few multicolored flowers all at the same time as the plant continues blooming from early summer through late fall. Even the unopened buds have the same color as a glass of lemonade streaked with deep pink.

Luckily, ‘Peach Lemonade’ doesn’t need any special care or conditions to grow in your garden. ‘Peach Lemonade’ also stays compact as it grows, only reaching about 3 feet tall and wide, so it shouldn’t need as much pruning as other shrub rose varieties that can stretch up to 6 feet tall. ‘Peach Lemonade’ is a self-cleaning variety, so while you’ll probably get more blooms during the year if you take the time to deadhead spent flowers. This variety can also tolerate some drought and is resistant to common rose diseases.

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Color Changing Flowers to Plant in the Garden for “Rainbow” Blooms
How-To Plant Peach Lemonade® Rose
With a few easy steps, your new rose will get in the ground, and off to a great start!
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