Proper Lighting for Houseplants Crucial for Livelihood

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Proper lighting for your house plants. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Proper lighting for your house plants is crucial to their livelihood. And, it’s your job to know exactly how much light your plant needs.

Understanding the types of light you have in your home will make a big difference to the choice of plants you can place in those areas. Be sure to understand window direction and light levels. For example, windows with northern exposure will have medium to bright indirect light. Southern exposure has bright indirect light to medium light. Eastern exposure will have direct morning sunlight to bright indirect light. And, Western exposure will have bright indirect light to direct afternoon sunlight. Contact a company like or hire a commercial electrician to help install the right lighting in your property and provide professional electrical repairs if needed. If you’re looking for reliable and skilled electrical services, our Electrician East Maitland team is here to provide top-notch solutions for all your electrical needs.


Also, understanding the light categories for your plant will make a difference. Do they require low light, medium light, bright indirect light, or direct sunlight? You’ll not only need to understand what these plants need for sustenance, but also what is available on the market that you can apply to this task. You can consult with a commercial electrical contractor for the latter, and use this information to adapt those options to your needs. Once you’ve identified the right light category for your plants and placed them accordingly, be sure to rotate plants about every two months or so for balanced growth.

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Proper Lighting for Houseplants Crucial for Livelihood