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QLA Deadline Extended: GCC Encourages Participation in Program

Clint Thompson Georgia Cotton Commission

georgia cotton commission

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s decision to extend the deadline for the Quality Loss Adjustment (QLA) program provides Georgia cotton producers another month to apply.

Taylor Sills, executive director of the Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC), encourages farmers to take advantage of this opportunity since the deadline is now April 9.

Taylor Sills

“Last week the United States Department of Agriculture announced that they were extending the deadline for the Quality Loss adjustment Program. This program goes to offset some of the losses that growers took from storms and other related events in the crop years for 2018 and 2019,” Sills said. “As you remember, Georgia took a major hit from Hurricane Michael in 2018. Not only did we lose a lot of cotton, but there was obviously a lot of quality loss as well from that storm.”

The QLA program assists producers whose eligible crops suffered quality losses due to qualifying natural disasters such as drought, excessive moisture, flooding, hurricanes, snowstorms, tornadoes, typhoons, volcanic activity or wildfires.

“If anyone has any questions about it, feel free to contact us. The National Cotton Council, which every Georgia cotton producer and ginner is a member, has put together a lot of information, Q&As and FAQs about this program,” Sills said. “Please get in touch with us so we can get that information to you. Our number here at the commission is 478-988-4235.”

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