Citrus Showcase Speaker Predicts Trade War Ahead

Dan Citrus, Exports/Imports, Trade


Geopolitical expert Peter Zeihan was the keynote speaker for the recent California Citrus Mutual Showcase. The showcase was presented on March 4 online.

Zeihan said he believes North America will recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19 this year, but the rest of the world will not. That, along with other factors, leads him to predict a trade war is inevitable, and that agriculture will be the prime target.

“If other countries want to target us in trade talks, they always go after agriculture because it’s the only point of vulnerability,” he said.


He views Europe as a key element in his prediction. “The Biden administration is actually very hostile to Europe in particular because under Barack Obama, the United States asked the Europeans for two things: troops for Afghanistan and stimulus spending to help recover from the 2007 crisis,” Zeihan said. “Europe gave nothing. Biden remembers that. And so I expect relations with the Europeans to take a very dark turn very early in Biden’s term, certainly this year.”

Zeihan believes that this will lead to a trade war. “By the time we get to …..

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