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Imports Threaten EU Citrus Industry

Dan Citrus, Exports/Imports


Citrus imports in the European Union (EU) are causing a large oversupply in the market. According to the Valencian Association of Farmers, the largest organization of agricultural producers in Spain, a new record of 2,198,146 tons of citrus were exported to the EU from January to October 2020. This represents an increase of 15.4% over the same period last year. The imports include lemons, oranges, mandarins, limes, and grapefruit.

The leading citrus supplier to the EU is South Africa, accounting for 44% of total imports. In 2020, South Africans sent 968,640 tons of citrus to the EU, an increase of 24.8% compared to the previous campaign. The Valencian Association of Farmers reports that this growth occurred especially in late mandarins, which coincide with the early varieties of the Valencian growers.

The second-largest citrus exporter to the EU is Egypt, which exported 334,354 tons, or 16% more than in 2019, due to the planting of thousands of hectares of oranges driven by the dam on the Nile River.


The third-largest supplier of citrus to the EU is Turkey with 190,294 tons. Turkey’s citrus exports to the European Union grew at a rate of 49.5% in 2020.

“Social dumping is being committed in the European Union, as these countries do …..

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