citrus trees

Protecting Young Citrus Trees

Dan Citrus

citrus trees
Tree T-PEE’s offer protection from cold weather.

Newly planted citrus trees and resets require more care and attention than established trees to ensure the establishment and proper growth.

Many growers use tree wraps to protect the trunks of young trees. These protective wraps offer a layer of protection to the bark underneath and can be used during the winter season or year-round.

Jake Price, University of Georgia Extension agent and Lowndes County Extension coordinator, shared some helpful information on tree wraps with growers during a recent Georgia citrus meeting. The event was hosted virtually by Fort Valley State University.


According to Price, tree wraps offer protection from sun damage and pest damage. They also help to prevent rootstock sprouts and provide a source of insulation during cold weather.

Additionally, protective wraps can be installed to …..

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