Asian citrus psyllid ACP

ACP Monitoring Efforts in Georgia

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Asian citrus psyllid ACP
Asian citrus psyllid

The citrus industry is expanding in Georgia. With that growth comes the need to slow the spread of the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP), the vector of HLB disease. Although not yet found in Georgia’s commercial citrus production, there have been confirmed HLB-positive residential citrus trees.

The disease has the potential to greatly hinder the state’s citrus industry. Therefore, the University of Georgia (UGA) Extension has been proactive rather than reactive.

The only reliable means of detection for ACP are yellow sticky card traps or visual scouting during periods of pest activity. Foliage that displays mottling characteristics can be tested to indicate if the disease is present.


Jonathan Oliver, the fruit pathologist and Extension specialist at UGA, believes tracking movement of ACP via trapping is paramount for Georgia. Oliver recently gave an update on …..

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