Control Methods for Major Pests of Cold-Hardy Citrus

Dan Citrus, Pest/Pest Control

Cold-hardy citrus, that is, citrus is grown above the 30th parallel north, is a blooming industry. In less than 10 years, the acreage in North Florida has gone from almost nonexistent to approximately 1,000 acres. Growers in the region plan to plant more in the coming years. In Georgia, there are approximately 2,000 acres across 42 counties, involving over 100 growers with two commercial packing sheds.

Citrus leafminers create larval mines on leaf undersides.
(Photos by D. Sprague)

Citrus grown in the cold-hardy region is primarily for fresh market fruit production. The overwhelming majority of plantings are Satsuma mandarins.

Fortunately for growers in this region, the major pest and disease threatening citrus, the Asian citrus psyllid, and citrus greening, have been geographically isolated. The majority of cases are in residential citrus plantings along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Coast (Martini et al., 2020). Although not present currently in commercial plantings, growers in the region should remain aware of the pest/disease complex and continue to monitor for psyllids and signs of citrus greening.

The main insect pests facing growers are …..

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