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Georgia Citrus Pest and Disease Update

Dan Citrus, Georgia, Huanglongbing (HLB)/Citrus Greening, Pest/Pest Control

As the Georgia citrus industry continues to grow and prosper, growers should be aware of the potential signs of citrus pests and diseases that could be looming in their groves.

georgia citrus
Alternaria leaf spots

Bill Barber, Certified Crop Advisor and owner of Barber Ag Services, delivered a presentation during the 2021 virtual Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference. He addressed pests and diseases presently in Georgia production in addition to some other issues that could be of future concern to growers.

Present Problems

According to Barber, melanose has been a very prevalent disease across Georgia citrus production. Although all citrus varieties are susceptible to melanose, grapefruit seem to be the most vulnerable. He recommends applying fungicide after fruit set, around late April, and then continuing application every three to four weeks until July or early August.


Alternaria brown spot is another disease commonly seen throughout the state’s citrus-growing area that can cause fruit drop. Foliar infection appears as brown spots or blotches surrounded by a yellow halo. Fungicide applications should occur when the spring flush is at one-quarter to one-half expansion and again at full leaf expansion. If needed, a third spray can be applied shortly after petal fall.

Also problematic is citrus leafminer. According to Barber, this pest is extremely difficult to control with a topical treatment. To manage citrus leafminer, he recommends drenching the base of trees with a systemic pesticide once a month.

Additionally, wind scar is of great concern. Although not a disease or pest, the damage that is caused by the fruit contacting foliage or twigs during wind movement can be detrimental to growers producing for the fresh fruit market.

Wind scar is “going to be a tremendous issue for us in the future as …..

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