An Easy, Mess-Free Way to Water Houseplants

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An easy, mess-free way to water your houseplants. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


Forget the watering can. There is a genius plant watering hack going viral that you will want to try for your houseplants.

The technique is known as bottom watering. The potting soil basically acts like a sponge and draws the water into the tiny spaces between soil particles like a straw. This method works best on smaller houseplants you can easily move around. They need to be in a pot with a drainage hole so the water can get through to the soil. All you do is place your potted plant in a few inches of water. Wait about 10 minutes, and you’ll notice the water level will have dropped as the soil absorbs moisture. Then move your plant back to wherever you like to keep it.

How to Water Succulents by Bottom Watering (+ When to Water) – Bottom Watering for Beginners ???
Video by Kalei Plants

Bottom watering is super easy and is less messy. It’s also harder to overwater your plants this way because the soil will only absorb what it can hold. And you won’t have to worry about splashing water onto sensitive leaves like those of African violets and many succulents. So, the next time you need to give your houseplants some love, give this technique a try.

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An Easy, Mess-Free Way to Watering Houseplants

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I wanted to share with you a new video, so I thought of taking you with me on my morning routine of bottom watering my plants. I’ll also share some of the hints to know when your succulent needs watering. Hope you find this helpful on your own gardening adventures!