Getting Rid of Stubborn Tree Stumps from Your Property

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Some ways to get rid of stubborn tree stumps from your property.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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If you have to get rid of a large stump or have multiple stumps to remove, you may need to consider renting a stump grinder. Just know that they can be costly, and weigh around 1000 pounds. Alternatively, you may contact a tree removal company to help you get rid of a tree. Through tree stump grinding, there will be no unsightly stumps left in your yard after cutting down your trees.

Another option is cutting the stump with a chainsaw. Just be careful, as it can seriously damage your saw if done incorrectly. Rocks in or around the stump can break your chain or can injure you if they happen to cause a kickback. If you’re not comfortable with these methods or want to ensure a safe and efficient stump removal, it’s advisable to hire a tree removal company with the necessary equipment and expertise to handle the task. A tree removal contractor will ensure that your tree will be removed safely and will not leave any stumps in your yard.

Ready for a bonfire? You can also burn the tree stump that’s driving you crazy.


One of the most common techniques people use for tree stump removal is to soften them and allow them to rot by using chemicals, such as Potassium nitrate, kerosene, bleach, high-nitrogen fertilizer or muriatic acid.

Another way is to dig and chop out that stubborn tree stump with a Mattock. It is cumbersome and labor-intensive but it will get the job done and it won’t require you to set anything on fire or to expose yourself to potentially caustic chemicals.

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Getting Rid of Stubborn Tree Stumps from Your Property