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Chores You Should Be Doing in the Garden Right Now

Dan This Land of Ours

Some winter chores you should be doing in the garden right now. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


There’s a lot going on under the soil when the temperatures cool down and in some parts of the country freezes. While nature has its own ways of coping with the cold, dark months, here are some winter garden chores to do.

Be sure to mulch perennials. Each species handles cold differently. Add a 6-inch-thick layer of chopped leaves, straw, or other mulch around your perennials once the ground has frozen. This will help even out the soil temperature, especially if your area doesn’t always have snow covering the ground throughout winter.

Continue to water annuals until frost kills them. If your annuals are in containers, move them into a garage or other protected space when temperatures are forecast to dip into the 40s overnight. For both evergreen and deciduous species, one of the most important things is to give them plenty of water before the ground freezes. And, don’t forget to bundle up your roses.

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Chores You Should Be Doing in the Garden Right Now