New BMP Record-Keeping Requirements for Florida Growers

Dan Citrus, Florida


On July 1, 2020, new record-keeping requirements went into effect for nitrogen and phosphorus amounts applied by growers enrolled in the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Best Management Practices (BMP) program. These records are required due to the passage of Senate Bill 712, the Clean Waterways Act.

Citrus growers have been asking many questions about this new requirement and what they must do to be in compliance with the law. This article is comprised of questions and answers designed to help growers understand their requirements as a FDACS BMP program participant, and the records submission process moving forward.

Matt Warren, environmental manager with the FDACS Office of Agricultural Water Policy in Hardee County answers some of the common questions from growers:


Q: Who does this new law apply to?

A: Any grower enrolled in the FDACS BMP program, regardless of whether or not they are located in an area with a Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP).

Q: The new requirement states that growers must submit their application records for nitrogen and phosphorus to FDACS. When do I submit my records? …..

Learn the answer to this and many more important questions about the New BMP Record-Keeping Requirements for Florida Growers on the Citrus Industry website.

BMP Rules, Manuals and Brochures

CommodityRuleBMP ManualBMP Brochure
Citrus5M-16Citrus BMP Manual pdf 2 MB ]Citrus BMP Brochure pdf 1.8 MB ]