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Peanut Deliveries and Marketing Report

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peanut deliveries

The Federal State Inspection Service is reporting on peanut deliveries. There are still plenty of buying points across Georgia, Florida, and Alabama that are bring in peanuts a little bit late. Tyron Spearman has some nukmbers for you, along with other peanut news.

Peanut Deliveries and Marketing Reports

Other marketing news across the board. They are still selling peanuts for Christmas. You might want to pick up some. Raw peanuts are selling for about 55 cents per pound. This is about 3 or 4 cents above last year.

They are showing that in the loan, we have moved peanuts out of the loan, down to 24,000 tons. That will wrap up this past year as we will start counting the new ones. Tyron Spearman has more numbers on this.

The Price Loss Coverage program, available in the Peanut Program, is still in tact as farmers have signed up. Tyron has some numbers as well as when to expect a payment.