Vilsack Selected by President Elect Biden as Secretary of Agriculture?

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President Elect Joe Biden is expected to selected Tom Vilsack to be the Secretary of Agriculture in the Biden administration. Tyron Spearman has more details.

Vilsack Selected by President Elect Biden as Secretary of Agriculture

Vilsack served as Secretary of Agriculture under the Obama administration for eight years. While serving in the Obama administration, Vilsack focused on leveraging the departments $150 billion dollar mission to support the nations farmers beyond Rural Developmenmt. He also was good on nutrition assistance for low income Americans. He oversaw a major update of school nutrition standards that was spearheaded by Former First lady Michelle Obama.

Vilsack largely avoided major controversy during his tenure, and faces an easy path in the Senate during confirmation. Chuck Grassley, also of Iowa, reported Tuesday that he likes Vilsack again to be the Secretary of Agriculture.

Since the Obasma administration, Vilsack has been leading the U.S. Dairy Council. A trade group that advocates for the dairy industry overseas.