Grow Edible, Culinary, and Medicinal Herbs in a Windowsill Garden

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How to start a windowsill garden.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

With an indoor windowsill garden, you can grow all kinds of edible, culinary, and medicinal species. All that’s required to grow most veggies and herbs is at least six hours of sunlight to thrive. A south-facing window is preferable. Aim for an area that isn’t going to be disturbed by children or animal companions.

The best boxes to use are plastic because they are low maintenance and tend to harbor few pathogens. Container gardens require a lot more water than outdoor ones do. They’re smaller spaces, and they lose moisture much more quickly than in-ground gardens do. So, it’s important to add soil amendments that can help retain moisture. Peat moss and vermiculite are a couple of good options, but make sure to do your research to determine your plants’ watering needs.


Some potential problems to watch for:  nutrient and light deficiencies. And, cross contamination, if multiple plants are placed in close proximity. Try to companion plant with beneficial symbiotic species whenever possible to work together to keep each other healthy.

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Grow Edible, Culinary, and Medicinal Herbs in a Windowsill Garden