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Commissioner Nikki Fried on U.S. House Passage of MORE Act

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(FDACS) — The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R.3884, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act, by a vote of 228-164. This comprehensive, bipartisan cannabis reform package would decriminalize marijuana and take much-needed steps to address the racial injustices of prohibition. As of November 2020, a record-high 68 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, a noted cannabis advocate, offered the following statement:

“This vote marks the monumental progress our country continues to make as states – and now the U.S. House of Representatives – recognize the urgent need to end the federal government’s misguided cannabis prohibition, and begin to right the wrongs of the War on Drugs and its damage to communities of color. I applaud the leadership of cannabis’ congressional champions and the diverse group of organizations whose tireless work made this historic legislation and vote happen. I am hopeful that this long overdue measure will be prioritized in the 117th Congress, on behalf of the countless families whose lives were upended by the War on Drugs, patients who need safe and secure access to medical marijuana, and the diverse array of entrepreneurs seeking the economic potential of this growing industry, including hemp farmers right here in Florida.”

Source: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services