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Best Growing Kits for Exotic Mushrooms

Dan Specialty Crops, This Land of Ours

Some of the best growing kits for exotic mushrooms. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

growing kits
Courtesy: Back to the Roots
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Reishi mushrooms are historically used in Japanese and Chinese traditional medicine,  consumed as a tea or a nutritional supplement.  The Reishi Mushroom Growing Kit by Gallboys is easy to use and the instructions show you all of the techniques needed. 

If you’re wanting morels but don’t want to spend hours searching each spring, try the Gourmet Mushroom Morel Habitat Kit. This outdoor growing kit produces white morels; you need a four-by-four foot growing spot, a shovel, and compost.

growing kits

When cooked, pink oyster mushrooms have a scent similar to bacon, but it has a short shelf life, which is why you don’t find it in the grocery store too often. You have to grow it at home to enjoy this unique type of mushroom. The Forest Origin Organic Pink Oyster Growing Kit should do the trick.

One of the most popular mushrooms growing kits is by Back to the Roots. You can grow gourmet oyster mushrooms at home in only 10 days. All you have to do is add water and wait for them to grow.

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