Best Methods to Seed Pomegranate Fruit

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Some of the best methods to seed Pomegranate. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Seeding Pomegranates can be a bit of a challenge. And, there are a few ways of doing it.

One method is to make a small nick in the stem of the fruit and pull the fruit apart.Then, pick out the seeds individually. The second way is more common. Simply slice the fruit in half or quarters. Then, gently tease the seeds out with your hands and into a bowl. You can also hold one half over a bowl filled with water and rap the back of the fruit with a wooden spoon until all the seeds fall out. Then, strain the stuff off the top of the water with a slotted spoon, pour out the water and drain the arils. The problem with this method is that you end up slicing through some of the pomegranate seeds. Finally, there is the method the pros use. Slice off the top of the fruit using a sharp knife. When looking down at the fruit, you’ll see that the membranes create six little sections inside the fruit. Score the skin at the point of each membrane. The goal is to cut through the skin and into the membrane, but not all the way through the fruit.

Whatever method you choose, remember that pomegranate juice will stain. Don’t seed your pomegranate anywhere near carpets, rugs, or while wearing clothes that you don’t want to risk getting stained. If you do have stained carpets, call Carpet cleaning laguna niguel for effective solutions. You may also consider getting services from Naturally Green Carpet Cleaning; they provide an extensive cleaning solution that will remove all the stains and dirt.

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Best Methods to Seed Pomegranate Fruit