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GCC Executive Director Reminds Growers They Are Members of Two National Organizations

Clint Thompson Cotton, Georgia, Georgia Cotton Commission

The Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) reminds its growers that they are members of the Southern Cotton Growers and National Cotton Council of America.

Executive Director Taylor Sills encourages producers to keep up with the communication efforts of both organizations as they tout U.S. cotton.


“I just want to remind all of our cotton producers here in the state of Georgia that through their assessments that they are members of both the Southern Cotton Growers and National Cotton Council of America,” Sills said.


“These are both membership policy organizations that do fantastic work on behalf of the cotton industry and their behalf. If growers want to get more involved with what they have going on, go to or to learn about the efforts they have going in the political and policy arenas as well as other things they have going on. It’s just a reminder that all cotton growers are members of these organizations. If they want to know more about what’s going on, please go to their websites and follow them on social media and do things like that.”

“Both of these organizations fight for the cotton growers and cotton industry as a whole in Washington D.C. The Cotton Council has an office in Washington D.C. They have a full technical staff providing information for regulatory purposes. They have fantastic communications teams. They work with the national news media to tell the story of cotton and the problems and successes the industry faces.”

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