Plants that Should Be Pruned in the Wintertime

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Why you should prune in the wintertime and which plants need it. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Pruning is an essential part of plant care, but you must take care to prune at the correct time of year. Some plants require winter pruning when they’re dormant. This preps your plants to focus on growing flowers and fruit when they emerge in the spring. It also maintains a healthy shape and reduces the risk of diseases taking over.

Some of the plants to put on your winter pruning to do list should include:  grapevines, autumn-fruiting raspberries, figs, wisteria, roses, apple and pear trees, deciduous shrubs, and multiple fruit bushes – such as blueberries, gooseberries, or red currants.


Your goal with tree trimming is to remove old wood and create the best shape. Doing so leaves behind the healthy, young branches to produce large harvests each year. If you need help with tree trimming, you may seek assistance from a tree care specialist.

Monday I will be giving you some winter pruning tips to get the job done right.

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Plants that Should Be Pruned in the Wintertime