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Bayer Pleased with New Registration for XtendiMax Herbicide

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bayer feed bee program

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided clarity on three Dicamba products. That includes a new 5-year registration for XtendiMax® herbicide, with VaporGrip® Technology. Bayer’s low-volatility dicamba product has been an important weed-control tool for many U.S. growers.

Alex Zenteno, Bayer dicamba product manager, told Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman they look forward to working with growers to ensure they are aware of the new XtendiMax herbicide label.

According to a Bayer release, the new EPA-approved product label for XtendiMax herbicide includes some changes to further ensure growers can use the product successfully. The EPA stated, “To manage off-site movement of dicamba, EPA’s 2020 registration features important control measures, including:

  • Requiring an approved [volatility reduction] buffering agent (also called a Volatility Reduction Agent or VRA) be tank mixed with OTT dicamba products prior to all applications to control volatility.
  • Requiring a downwind buffer of 240 feet and 310 feet in areas where listed species are located.
  • • Prohibiting OTT application of dicamba on soybeans after June 30 and cotton after July 30.
  • Simplifying the label and use directions so that growers can more easily determine when and how to properly apply dicamba.”

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