Boosting Citrus Tree Immunity to Combat HLB

Dan Citrus, Education, Florida, Research

Figure 1. The systemic acquired resistance (SAR) process from a transgenic rootstock to a non-transgenic scion following infection.

By Manjul Dutt, Juliana Soares and Jude Grosser

Land plants such as citrus are generally anchored to a specific location by their roots. Owing to their immobile nature and constant exposure to pathogenic microbes, plants are very vulnerable. However, you might be surprised by how much plants can protect themselves and survive against multiple adversities encountered during their lifetime. A reason for the survival ability of plants is their sophisticated and unique defense mechanisms, known as innate immunity, that were developed through evolution.

Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) is a part of the innate immunity of plants, and it is activated upon pathogen attack, leading to the generation of warning signals that …..

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