Things, Other Than Plants, to Include in Your Garden

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Some great things, other than plants, to include in your garden.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Insect/Bee Hotel

Gardens are places for growing, and while most of it is largely centered around plants, there are many other things of benefit that are important for a healthy, self-sustaining poly-culture garden system.

Stones, for example, can play a vital role in gardens. They provide an aesthetic break in the greenery, while also fulfilling several practical needs as well.

Insect hotels are another. They aerate the soil and maintain healthy life cycles with pollinators.


Water Barrels are useful for irrigation and can provide shelter for frogs, toads, and lizards working to keep the mosquitoes down.

Incorporating compost bins or buckets allows us to create the compost right where it’s needed while utilizing the nutrients leached into the soil during decomposition. Plus, beneficial insects and animals, such as worms, are attracted to compost.

There are others things, too. Benches or picnic areas should be part of the garden so that we can ultimately enjoy it.

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Things, Other Than Plants, to Include in Your Garden