Best Frost-Tolerant Plants for Your Garden

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The best frost-tolerant plants for your garden.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Hand pulling a carrot out of a raised bed
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When the weather starts to get a little cooler you can still grow plenty of tasty veggies and a few edible flowers that don’t mind a little frost.

Such as broccoli and cabbage. You can plant it right now and enjoy later for fall harvests. Or, for spring, plant about a month before your areas last frost date.

Calendula will add a touch of beauty to your fall gardens and you can eat these flowers, too. They’re great in soups and salads. Or, can be enjoyed in a vase or crafting projects.


Enjoy carrots in your fall garden. Harvest them as soon as the roots are large enough to eat. Carrots get sweeter as the temperature cools.

Peas are perfect to grow on a fence or small trellis to give structure to the cool-season garden. They’re pretty, too.

Plant pansies in virtually every shade of the rainbow. Fall-planted pansies in cold-winter areas will often overwinter and bloom the following spring.

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Best Frost-Tolerant Plants for Your Garden