How Much Light Do Your Orchids Require?

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How much light you should and shouldn’t give our orchids. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Image by Lalli from Pixabay

If you’re wondering how much light you should or shouldn’t give your orchids, from a plant’s perspective, houses usually have dim light, so you’ll usually have better luck with orchid varieties that tolerate low light levels.

East-facing windowsills are great spots for orchids; an un-screened south-facing window can be a little too bright and hot, but blockout blinds can add just the right amount of filtering. You can also set the orchid back from the window by a few feet so it’s not constantly in strong indirect light.

West-facing windows are usually too hot for orchids, but with some filtering (a sheer curtain or Uniblinds), you can sometimes make them work. I wouldn’t recommend try a north-facing window, because they’re usually just too dim for orchids to succeed.


If you want to use a blooming orchid as a table centerpiece or display somewhere other than a windowsill, there’s no harm in moving it. Just take it back to its spot by the window once it’s done blooming.

On tomorrow’s program, I’ll talk about how much humidity you should introduce to your orchids.

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How Much Light Do Your Orchids Require?