Tips for Caring for a Tough-to-Grow Houseplant

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How to care for a houseplant that has a reputation for being tough to grow. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Orchid Plant
Image by pen_ash from Pixabay

Orchids have a reputation for being tough-to-grow houseplants. Sure, they may require specialized potting mix and a certain amount of water to thrive, but this large, diverse group of plants includes many species that are easy to grow indoors.

The most common cause of death for orchids (and most houseplants) is usually over-watering. The easy answer for when to water most orchids is just before they go dry. It could be every few days, or even every couple of weeks depending on the orchid species and the environment in your home.


To tell if it’s time for a watering, stick your finger in the potting mix, then pull it out and rub your fingers together. You should easily be able to feel if there’s any moisture. If you don’t feel any, it’s time to water your orchid, and if your fingers feel moist, check again another day.

On tomorrow’s program I’ll tell you how to choose the proper orchid potting mix.

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Tips for Caring for a Tough-to-Grow Houseplant