Watering Tools to Help Solve Your Drought Problems

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Some watering tools to help solve your dry yard problems. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Sprinkler watering the garden

If you’re not getting enough rain there are some products like hoses and sprinkler systems that will help your thirsty potted plants, garden plants, and lawn have everything they need to stay healthy and hydrated.

It’s much easier to maneuver around the garden when you have a slim lightweight flexible garden hose that expands to three times its size when it’s in use, then shrinks back down so it’s easy to store in your garage or shed until you need it again. To make watering even more convenient, invest in high-quality Garden hose connectors that allow you to easily attach and detach hoses, making your gardening tasks even more efficient.


Consider investing in a programmable timer. Simply hook this device to a spigot, program your water cycles, attach the hose, and go on vacation without worries. An Eco-function promotes deep soaking and minimizes runoff, while a rain-delay feature suspends the program for up to 6 days.

Avoid evaporation and runoff by delivering water directly above thirsty root balls with a drip irrigation set up. A starter kit is perfect for small beds or up to six containers. You can also cut and shape the hose to work for your garden. You can take a look at this HUSKY H4425 Use and Care Manual online for valuable information on maintaining and operating your equipment effectively.

If you don’t want to fill up the watering can every day, use Terra Cotta watering stakes.

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Watering Tools to Help Solve Your Drought Problems