Keeping the Water Flowing in Your Garden Year-Round

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The best way to keep the water flowing in your garden throughout the seasons.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


Keeping plants hydrated is the best way to keep them happy and thriving all year round. Plants get especially thirsty on hot and dry days.  And, if they’re wilted it’s a sign they are stressed.

The time of year and precipitation (or lack of it) impact the amount of water you may need to supply. Most areas of the country do experience some drought so your job is to help your plants through those dry spells.

In the spring, be mindful of how much precipitation you are getting in your area.


In the summer, expect to water your plants every day to keep them from wilting.

During the fall, The end of the growing season usually won’t require as much watering because temperatures start cooling off and precipitation often increases. Water your plants about 2 times per week when temperatures are above 40°F and snow hasn’t fallen yet.

In the winter, Watering is only necessary before the frost hits and your hardy plants have gone dormant for the winter.  Until then, water your plants 2-3 times per week whenever temperatures are above 40°F.

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Keeping the Water Flowing in Your Garden Year-Round