Emphasis Placed on Food Safety in Florida

Clint Thompson Florida

Nicole “Nikki” Fried
Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services

(NSF) – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, studies are showing more people are now concerned about food safety. While the risk of contracting COVID-19 through food is very low, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) points to a recent survey that says 55% of consumers are worried about the safety of their food.

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried’s agency oversees 40,000 food-related businesses across the state. She says extra emphasis is being placed on making sure restaurants and other shops know proper protocols for food prep, hand washing and kitchen cleanliness.

“When we saw the outbreak of COVID in our state, we did send out letters to all of the businesses that we regulate just to remind them that these are the types of regulations. This is the law, and a lot of these things are actually in statute.”

Fried says anyone with concerns about a restaurant’s food safety practices should contact the Department of Ag’s food safety division.

(From the News Service of Florida)

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