Composting: Disposing of Kitchen Food Scraps and Garden Waste

Dan This Land of Ours

A beginner’s guide to composting.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


Home composting is a win-win activity. Not only is it a sustainable way of disposing of kitchen food scraps and garden waste, it also happens to make top-notch compost that your plants will love. Composting is a year-round activity. Late summer to early winter is a peak compost-making time.

Picking the perfect spot for your composting site is really important. Ideally, it’s best not to position your compost heap or container somewhere that’s subject to a lot of changes in temperature and moisture. This is because the micro-organisms that turn the waste into compost prefer constant conditions.

Choose composting bins from repurposed wooden palettes to compact plastic bins. One for rotting and one to be filled. If space is a problem, a small cardboard box works, too. Fill it with all your fruit and veg kitchen waste and plunge the box into the soil and leave it to fully decompose. Make sure the kitchen waste is sufficiently buried to deter any rodents!

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