Farmers Concerns With Sales Reps During Pandemic

Clint Thompson Alabama, Coronavirus, Florida, Georgia

File photo shows farmers talking out in the field.

A survey from Farm Journal found 45% of farmers have reservations about allowing sales representatives back onto their farm. The survey released last week also found in order for input suppliers to be allowed back on the farm, 50% say social distancing would be required. Additionally, 18% want outside vendors to wear proper personal protection equipment, such as masks.

However, not everyone is voicing that concern about sales representatives and non-employees coming on their farm. The survey found 36% say they’re not concerned about visitors. Of the 640 farmers surveyed by Farm Journal, just 11% say they are not ready for visitors.

Growing concerns or not, consultant Dick Wittman thinks navigating new business practices today may be permanent solution in agriculture. Wittman says, “It’s making people rethink how we can do business in the future. We don’t need to have everybody interacting every day in an office.”

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)