How to Protect Your Garden from Hungry Birds

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Your This Land of Ours program today has Cathy Isom filling you in about how to protect your garden from hungry birds.

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Strawberries bed covered with protective mesh from birds. / Shutterstock

While birds are nice to have around in your garden, you’ll want to be sure to have a plan of attack to stop birds from eating your garden seeds. Some seeds such as beans, sunflowers, and lettuce are extremely attractive to wild birds.

Protect your direct-sown plants by using row covers. These also work well protecting seed from wind and cold. Shade cloths and netting are helpful, too.  Aluminum Screening works well because the birds are confused by the reflections caused by the sun hitting the aluminum. Lay chicken wire directly on the ground and plant your seeds in the holes.

There are a variety of methods using stakes and strings to keep birds from landing in your garden. Also, using predator statues, such as owls and snakes.  Wind chimes and garden spinners are great for decorations and will also spook birds and rabbits, too. If all else fails, contact a company that specializes in bird proofing and deterrents.

Birds can definitely be a pest when they are trying to eat your newly planted garden seeds. But there are also many ways to encourage birds in the garden without losing crops.

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How to Protect Your Garden from Hungry Birds