The Basics for Building a Flower Bed

Josh McGill This Land of Ours

With a few basic steps, you can have more color, fragrance, and texture added to your landscape.

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First things first, where will it go? Along a deck or porch, underneath a tree, or around a garden feature. Then, how much sunlight will it get?

Many popular bedding plants like annual flowers require full sun, which means a minimum of 6 hours each day.  Another consideration for building a new flower bed is the soil type. Most flowering annuals and perennials appreciate a loamy soil with plenty of compost added. Once you have chosen a site it’s time for a design.

There are many ideas, including a raised bed. And although building a flower bed from scratch might seem intimidating it’s a fairly straightforward project that just about any Do it Yourself enthusiast or gardener can accomplish. The time spent in planning, designing, and preparing will be repaid many times over once you’re admiring your beautiful blooms.

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The Basics for Building a Flower Bed