Landscaping Ideas to Maximize Curb Appeal

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Make your front yard more welcoming while improving the value of your home.

Curb Appeal

First, consider the design and architecture of your home when you’re creating gardens around it. For example, a cottage style landscape compliments a country or farmhouse look while a spare, minimalist garden would set off a more modern building.

Next, proportions should come into play in your landscape design. If you have a large house with a flat front, pretty little flowers aren’t the plants for curb appeal for you. Instead, use plants and repetition (midsize shrubs to line a path, for example, or a row of shrubs) that are inspired by and complement the shape and size of the house. You may also consider consulting a residential landscaping professional to have an expert opinion. For a landscaping company St Louis, call Ryan Ballheimer Landscape Design. A-Plus Landscaping does Lynchburg lawn maintenance as well, so if you need expert help make sure to contact them.

Use secondary hardscape elements such as a deep sidewalk, for example, which offers an opportunity for a wider flower bed as an accent. A bench provides a place for a gathering of shrubs and perennials. Think about what’s there (or what could be added) and how to spotlight it, potentially enhancing your landscaping by hiring professional landscaping services for expert input and execution.

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Landscaping Ideas to Maximize Curb Appeal
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