Plants You Can Grow to Feed Ducks

Josh McGill This Land of Ours


Ducks are versatile eaters that will happily munch on all kinds of food. Some basic options include bird seed, chicken feed, poultry grit, cracked corn, bugs, fruits & vegetables, grains, and supplements.

But if you’re interested in being more self-sustaining on your homestead, you can grow your own duck feed.  Such as duckweed, it survives throughout the winter. It will merely go dormant until the spring. If allowed to grow freely in your pond, it will provide constant feed for your ducks.

Water Hyacinth is another.  It grows remarkably fast. It can triple in size in just a week to ten days. Millet is a small grain that you will often find in commercial poultry feeds. It’s often fed directly to pet birds like parrots and cockatiels, too.

Ducks also love fairy moss, peas, and wild rice. As long as you mind nutrient ratios to give your ducks the most balanced diet possible, you can easily grow your own nutritious duck feed – and save money and time on your homestead in the process.

Listen to Cathy Isom’s report below.

Plants You Can Grow to Feed Ducks