Plants that Thrive in Your Garden, No Matter What

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Add a little flower power to your garden this year with some tough as nails hardy perennial bloomers.  Practically indestructible, daylilies will flower profusely in almost any sunny spot. They are drought and insect resistant and offer a wide range of colors and bi-colors.

Epimediums, also called barrenwort, is one of the best shade perennials that provides a ground cover that offers both colorful foliage and flowers. It’s also highly drought resistant.

Hot, dry weather won’t stop Coreopsis from flowering all summer long. This American native is one of the most reliable perennials you can grow. The plants produce large quantities of yellow, orange, pink, white, red, or bicolored blooms.

Add a burst of color to your late summer and fall garden with Russian sage. This tough-as-nails plant is native to central Asia, so it’s capable of performing in hot, dry conditions.

Put sedums on the top of your shopping list if you’re looking for a perennial that requires almost no care. These scrappy plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and won’t knuckle under to heat, drought, winter cold, or insects. 

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Plants that Thrive in Your Garden, No Matter What