Florida Cattlemen Say Thank You

Clint Thompson Cattle, Florida

annual convention

The Florida Cattlemen’s Association issued a thank you letter to President Trump following his Executive Order under the Defense Production Act.

It read:

“On behalf of the 15,000 Cattle Ranching families in Florida, we applaud the action taken by President Trump and his administration in implementing the Executive Order under the Defense Production Act with respect to the food supply chain resources during this national emergency caused by the outbreak of COVID-19.

It is a very necessary and courageous step in securing the food supply for our country to keep the processing sector of our industry operating. It will certainly help in stabilizing the situation with the processing of beef to make it continuously available to the American consumers.

We say thank you to President Trump and the entire administration for recognizing the need and taking this critical action for the security of our contry.

Additionally, we want to thank the dedicated courageous employees of the facilities processing cattle that work hard every day to generate a safe nutritious supply of high quality protein.

We send our prayers and positive thoughts for their well-being and continued strength as we move through this challenging time in our country.”