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Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Farmers

Dan Economy, This Land of Ours

coronavirus pandemic

Cathy Isom fills us in about the surprising impact the Coronavirus Pandemic is having on some local farmers. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Farmers

Even with the current state of affairs of our time, people need to eat.  And, it’s apparently that more and more people are cooking from home and turning to local farmers and farmer’s markets for help with fresh produce and other staples.

Community-supported agriculture (CSA), the act of purchasing a share from local farms has increased intensely around the country during the coronavirus pandemic. Farms from California, Virginia and New York are seeing increases in subscriptions to CSA programs for individuals and families.

In the beginning of the pandemic, there was news about struggling small farms being hit with a lack of demand from shuttered restaurants. Many farms have pivoted instead to selling directly to consumers. One Northern California farmer is reporting a 50% increase in CSA sales and now has a waitlist of 350 people.

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