Discovery of Plant Rust in Your Garden

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Wheat Leaf Rust

Cathy Isom explains to you what you can expect, and what some of the causes are, with the discovery of plant rust in your garden.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. 

Discovery of Plant Rust in Your Garden
plant rust
Pear Rust

Rust is an unattractive fungal disease that can stunt growth and reduce the healthfulness of your plants, but it rarely kills crops outright. However, if you leave the disease to run its course, your plants will decline in health and may not produce as expected – edible plants in particular. Rust can occur in most climates, but it thrives in situations where it’s warm and moist, so it’s a common disease in climates with a hot, humid gardening season. Gardens with poorly draining soil or plants that are over-watered frequently are also susceptible to the disease.

Rust Leaves in Zinnia Flowers

The fungal disease spreads easily, so other plants located near an infected plant will inevitably contract the fungal infection. The main signs of rust typically appear on plant foliage. Common rust often starts out as raised spots, sometimes white in color. Eventually, the marks transition to a reddish hue. Another common symptom that appears on foliage is raised bumps in a variety of colors, usually appearing on the underside of infected leaves.

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