Coronavirus Bill Offers Dairy Aid in What May Be a Long Effort

Dan Dairy, Industry News Release


ARLINGTON, VA – A massive coronavirus aid package poised to pass Congress that includes crucial assistance to dairy producers is a critical, but likely not the last, step in assisting sectors hard-hit by economic disruptions, said Paul Bleiberg, NMPF’s vice president for government relations, in an NMPF podcast.

“There are absolutely going to be further legislative efforts,” Bleiberg said. “Congress may take a recess for a couple of weeks, maybe around the Easter recess, and it may be a little bit longer than it normally is, but I think that work behind the scenes is going to continue.”

Bleiberg breaks down how provisions in the aid package will benefit dairy producers, as well as other federal efforts to assist the entire dairy supply chain, in the full podcast here. You can also find the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify,  SoundCloud and Google Play.

Source: National Milk Producers Federation